Glenn Cuzen

ProArtist Developer

“I built my career travelling all over the world experimenting with different tattoo styles and skin types. For over more then a decade i have been offered several sponsorships from tattoos aftercare companies,  however I’ve never found a product which truly represented me so I decided to create my own one. Fusing my experience with the expertise of JVcosmetics formulator we achieved an 100% Natural high performing tattoo care line able to protect my work and  persevere it over time.”  



“I am proud sponsor of Skin Shield. I work with big bold colour pieces which can really aggravate the skin and cause swelling and redness. With Skin Shield I have not had this problem whatsoever, it is a great product. My clients absolutely love Skin Shield experiencing the amazing results within the healing process”




“I have been using Skin Shield for over one year now and really like the product. My clients have told me healing is easier and quicker results at a high quality and they really love the smell. I myself really love the product its really revolutionary in the terms of a tattoo glide . I am team Skin shield.”

Andy Spraster


 “Great product. Easy to use with  high quality results. I have been tattooing over 10 years now and countlessly tried different types of creams for both during and after the tattoo process. Skin  Shield is the way forward “


Vincenzo Rini


“Skin Shield is the one to beat. Really love the product for its all natural ingredients. I am very focused on this with my clients to deliver the best healing possible. “